Cedar Wood Soap Dish

Cedar Wood Soap Dish

Inspire Farms

  • $6.50

Cedar Wood Soap Dish

Cedar Soap Dish




• Made from reclaimed cedar wood. Cedar wood is fragrant, lightweight, fast-drying, naturally antimicrobial, decay and insect-resistant, and typically used in outdoor construction (i.e. decks and fencing). They will last an exceptionally long time and are durable even when exposed to water.  

• Each dish is crafted from natural, raw wood and will include slight variations in color/pattern. These dishes are a one-piece design with no nails or adhesive. No dyes or stains are used to produce this product. 

• Care instructions: These are natural wood and will discolor over time. One suggestion is to use your wooden dish in pairs. Use one dish for 2-3 weeks then wipe it clean with a damp cloth and set aside to dry completely. Swap it out with the second dish. Alternating wooden dishes will extend the life of your soap dish. If you notice discoloration you can scrub the dish with a coarse washcloth and let it dry. If desired, you are welcome to stain or coat these dishes but it is not necessary.









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