Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell

Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell

Scratch and Peck Feeds

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Scratch and Peck Cluckin’ Good Poultry Oyster Shell 4lb

Scratch and Peck Feeds Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell is an excellent source of calcium to increase egg shell strength for laying hens, including chickens, ducks, turkeys, and waterfowl.

Recommended for Stage Three laying poultry and waterfowl, the calcium found in Cluckin’ Good Oyster Shell is absorbed by laying hens to build strong eggshells. Feeding your layers Cluckin’ Good Poulty Grit helps to digest feed for all stages of life and contributes to the digesting of whole grains and oyster shell. Oyster shell is not a substitute for grit.

Practicing Flock Management Best Practices will give your birds the best chance for a long and healthy, happy life. We recommend Scratch and Peck Feeds Naturally Free Organic Layer Feed.

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