Polish White Crested Black, female chicks

Polish White Crested Black, female chicks


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Polish White Crested Black, female chicks

Hatch Date:  11/21
Arrival Date: 11/24

Contrary to belief, this breed did not originate in Poland. They were named after the Polish army’s feathered caps because it closely resembled their feathered crests. The chickens originated in Spain but were then brought to Holland, and eventually the Dutch perfected their coloring. They became a popular bird in France, then started appearing in the U.S. around the 1830s and 40s. They are a great breed and are docile and even-tempered. They are easily surprised and sometimes nervous due to their feathers limiting their eyesight. This makes them more vulnerable to predators.

Blue coloring can result in black, blue, or splash feathering, blue is not a guaranteed color.

Purpose: Ornamental Production: 100 Small White Eggs/Year Temperament: Gentle, Active Mature Weight: 4-5 lbs. Hardiness: Heat Hardy But Not Cold Hardy Broodiness: Rarely Comb Type: V Comb

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