Coop Consulting

Inspire Farms Coop Consulting

Whether you are new to chicken keeping or a veteran flock owner, we can help you with:

  • Selecting the best chicken breeds to match your intended goals (eggs layers, dinner chickens, rare breeds for a beautiful flock, or pure-bred poultry for show and breeding).
  • Coop design and set-up, with function and ease of use in mind.
  • Organic Feed and nutritional recommendations.
  • Identifying common poultry illnesses and causes, as well as possible treatment (including referral to a Veterinarian).
  • The care practices for chicks and adult birds.
  • Coop bio security and sanitation.
  • Emergency Backyard Chicken situations.
  • And more!

Consulting services are offered via phone, email, or in person within a 50 mile radius of Downtown Mesa.

Rates are quoted by the hour, by type of consultation, or by add-on. Contact us today for more information. Let us help make flock management easier and your chickens happier!

Expecting chickens? An Inspire Farms Coop Consultation makes an awesome gift!