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Inspire Farms Intern Position

(Position has been filled)

Inspire Farms Mesa

Farm Hand Intern Job Description


August 10th, 2022- December 15th, 2022

20 hours per week / 360 Hours (18 weeks)


206 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85281

About the organization:

When Tiffiny Lilley started hanging out with some cute chicks, she wasn’t prepared for what would happen. Inspire Farms was going to be a simple little shop, but it has sparked a creative movement that is helping people learn how to get into sustainable living.

Inspire Farms is a small family-run feed shop in downtown Mesa. Our company started with the primary goal of creating a convenient and easy-to-access source for organic, non-GMO feed without buying in bulk.

Our primary focus is organic non-GMO feed for chickens, ducks, goats, horses, rabbits, turkey, quail, and other game birds. We also sell feeders, brooders, coops, and other items that support urban farming and creative sustainability.

Inspire Farms blends creativity with wholesome options to create happier, healthier families and communities. Explore fresh, organic options for your urban farm animals and your table while discovering the therapeutic benefits of local farming, animals, and art. We invite you to sign up and participate in some of the creative classes and workshops available in our local community.

Position Description and overview:

Inspire Farms is seeking an enthusiastic and resourceful intern to help run the day-to-day operations at the farm shop, and to help design and facilitate the farm’s upcoming commercial kitchen project. Working as an intern on the farm, you will be exposed to various fields, including media and content development, marketing, interior design, poultry farming, and public relations. You will also become familiar with sustainable, urban agriculture, and how to communicate with local actors in food to bring attention to the counterculture of unsustainable industrial food networks. In addition to gaining valuable, hands-on experience in a fast-paced, exciting environment, you will also have many opportunities to locate areas of opportunity, and create long-lasting, impactful changes on the farm. The farm hand should have a solid commitment to teamwork and high energy for and interest in sustainable food systems and community development.

Responsibilities include:

  • Communicate with current and future vendors about opportunities and logistics of selling through the farm storefront.
  • Assist with publicizing and advertising Inspire Farms via community events & online platforms.
  • Maintain organized farm stores through restocking products and re-organizing while updating stock via Shopify.
  • Photograph and create descriptions for new and existing products via Shopify.
  • Fulfill online orders and requests.
  • Assist guests in purchasing food, feed, & livestock while creating educational opportunities.
  • Research and respond to client inquiries regarding sustainability-related company initiatives.
  • Identify sustainability initiatives within the company that can be expanded or improved.
  • Assist in cleaning, feeding, watering, & breeding operations for livestock.

Special Projects:

  • In addition to the general responsibilities of the position, the intern will play a significant role in helping to design and create the farm’s new commercial kitchen and tea room. These projects are an opportunity for Inspire Farms to increase awareness and foot traffic for the business which will help to build its self-sufficiency and customer base. The intern will be responsible for assisting in the preparation and design of the space while overcoming challenges as they arise.

Learning Objectives / Opportunities:

  • By completing this internship, interns will learn the background operations of running a business that involves local, sustainable stakeholders.
  • The intern will also learn about sustainable livestock practices and the importance of having local, organic feed and livestock available to the community to increase regional food security.
  • The intern will have the opportunity to interact and network with diverse stakeholders involved in sustainable food systems.
  • The intern will be able to apply personal and educational knowledge to seek out areas of opportunity on the farm to research and create sustainable solutions to create lasting impacts on the farm.