Plain Challah

Plain Challah

Hollyhock & Nopal Bakery

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Plain Challah Bread - Delivered Fresh

Order by Tuesday and pickup your fresh bread in our shop, Friday afternoon!

Don't forget to make your order for fresh challah bread! Hollyhock & Nopál Bakery has been making their challah for over 8 years and is now pleased to provide their fresh baked bread to Inspire Farms customers! Challah (pronounced ha-la) is a delicious hand braided bread made with best quality unbleached, un-bromated, high-protein wheat flour, fresh eggs, wildflower honey and olive oil. H & N's version is always made fresh, never frozen and is softer and lighter than a typical challah bread found in bakeries. It's absolutely delectable!

Their plain loaf (approx 25 oz) is wonderful alone or with butter! Many of their customers make delicious Saturday morning French toast with this bread.

Baked fresh every Friday just for you!

Order by Wednesday and pickup your fresh bread, Friday afternoon!

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