Challah Cranberry Walnut

Challah Cranberry Walnut

Hollyhock & Nopal Bakery

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Cranberry & Walnut Challah

Handmade Cranberry & Walnut Challah Bread from Hollyhock & Nopal Bakery

Order by Tuesday and pick-up Friday afternoon.

Don't forget to make your order for fresh challah bread! Hollyhock & Nopál Bakery has been making their challah for over 8 years and is now pleased to provide their fresh baked bread to Inspire Farms customers!

Challah (pronounced ha-la) is a delicious hand braided bread made with best quality unbleached, un-bromated, high-protein wheat flour, fresh eggs, wildflower honey and olive oil. H & N's version is always made fresh, never frozen and is softer and lighter than a typical challah bread found in bakeries. It's absolutely delectable!

Hollyhock & Nopal Bakery's signature cranberry walnut loaf which is the hands down best seller! (Approx. 28 oz) loaded with chopped cranberries, walnuts and cinnamon lightly topped with a sprinkling of sugar!

Baked fresh every Friday just for you!

Order by Tuesday and pick-up Friday afternoon.

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