Hayden Chickpea Flour

Hayden Chickpea Flour

Hayden Flour Mills

  • $8.79

Chickpea Flour

Originating in the Middle East, chickpeas are one of the earliest cultivated beans. Chickpea Flour (also known as gram flour, or besan) is high in protein and an important staple in international dishes, such as Socca (French pancake), Kalinti (Moroccan tart), Farinata (Italian flatbread) and Panisse (French chickpea fries).

Chickpea flour is surprisingly versatile and can be incorporated into everyday recipes, adding an intriguing flavor to your cakes, cookies, and even pasta!

Arizona Grown | Freshly Milled | Gluten Free*

*All products labeled Gluten Free do not contain gluten naturally, but all Hayden Flour Mills products are manufactured on equipment shared with wheat that contains gluten. Please take care and caution.

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