Dampierre, rare breed

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Rare Breed Dampierre

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Chicks are only sold straight run (unsexed).

The Dampierre, an extremely rare french breed, is the re-creation of an old French chicken breed, the Normande, that died out over a century ago. The Normande was known for white meat, delicate bones, and abundant production of white eggs that the hens were willing to incubate and hatch.

In the late 20th Century some backyard poultry experts in Normandy recreated the lost breed using Guornay and Crevecoeur. In 1996 the birds- renamed Dampierre to distinguish them from the historical Normande breed- were introduced at a French poultry show.

The amount of breeders in the U.S currently is less than 10. Our flock originated from Greenfire farms. These birds are quiet, friendly, and very good layers of big white eggs. They seem to start laying earlier than some breeds and are consistent through cold and warm temperatures.

Country of Origin: France

Primary Use: Egg Production

Bird Size: 5 lbs

Egg Production: 250 eggs/year

Egg Size: Large

Egg Color: White

Comb Type: Single

Hardiness: Cold and Heat hearty

​Personality: Easy going, Docile


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