Earth Sugar Energy Bars

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Earth Sugar Energy Bars

EARTH SUGAR is a first-of-its-kind Super food Confectionery based in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in raw organic desserts, energetic snacks, clean label confections and adaptogenic pantry items. We handcraft each product with fruits, plants and purpose, and never use natural flavors, additives, preservatives, or chemicals. Our mission is to minimize our environmental footprint, inspire culinary creativity and ensure our own human health by doing dessert differently! Our products are suitable for a vegan, gluten-free, and paleo diet, accommodating a wide variety of allergies and dietary requirements.

Shelf life: Stores at room temperature for 6 months. Stores in freezer for 1 year. 

Classic Crunch

Classic Crunch is a taste bud texture party! The perfect combination of crunchy, chewy, fluffy and gooey... this Earth-sugary sweet & salty mess of bliss will have you dancing through nature in no time. 

We blend cashews, dates, coconut and mesquite until perfection, then sprinkle & sprankle a little cacao crunch, maple drizz and THICK sea salt crystals... just to drive you wild.

Ingredients: Cashews*, Dates*, Coconut*, Mesquite*, Maple Syrup*, Cacao Nibs*, Sea Salt Crystals*

Banana Bread

The Internet might LOVE to bake Banana Bread... but we don't like to wait 25 minutes at 35O degrees F. Our RAW Banana Bread Energy Bars are a quick, healthy, yummy snack that tastes just like your favorite treat.  

We add 1OO% dried organic bananas to our pure ingredients base making for the most pleasant, moist and yummy energy bar yet. 

Eat as a snack, breakfast OR as a frozen dessert topped with ice cream, yogurt or nut butters!!  

 Ingredients: Cashews*, Dates*, Coconut*, Dried Bananas*, Mesquite*, Maple Syrup*, Cacao Nibs*, Sea Salt Crystals*

Chocolate Cherry

Rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds, our Chocolate Cherry Energy Bars are the perfect decadent snack that completely redefines healthy eating. 

We handcraft our bars by blending cashews, dates, cherries, cocoa powder, coconut and mesquite until perfection. Then (whilst covered in cocoa powder and date paste) we sprinkle & sprankle a little cacao crunch, maple drizz and THICK sea salt crystals. TASTY!

Snack, share or crumble your energy bars onto fruit, yogurt, nice cream, acai bowls & more!

Ingredients: Cashews*, Dates*, Coconut*, Dried Cherries*, Cocoa Powder*, Mesquite*, Maple Syrup*, Sea Salt Crystals*

Cinnamon Raisin

Finally! A REAL breakfast bar. Our Cinnamon Raisin Energy Bars are perfectly delicious and taste just like sweet Cinnamon French Toast. 

Our blend of cashews, dates, coconut and raisins give this bar a soft, gooey texture while our cacao nibs and sea salt crystals pack a small, but satisfying crunch. With sweet notes of maple, mesquite and organic cinnamon, you'll fall in love at first bite. 

Eat this bar on-the-go OR for breakfast topped with nut butters, yogurt, plant based butters & more!

Ingredients: Cashews*, Dates*, Coconut*, Raisins*, Mesquite*, Maple Syrup*, Cinnamon*, Sea Salt Crystals*

(organic*, vegan, gluten free, soy free, peanut free, paleo, whole 30 approved) 

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