Easter Eggers Female Chicks


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Easter Egger Chicks

Hatch Date: 11/3

Easter Eggers are a combination of the traditional American Easter Eggers, which typically has a pea comb, beard and green legs, along with the European version of Easter Eggers, which are called Grünleger, which typically have yellow legs, a single comb, and commonly a tuft on its head. The Grünleger is a hybrid cross between a commercial type Legbar, and brown egg-laying hens, therefore unlike the American Easter Egger, they will not breed true, with only a portion of the offspring laying colored eggs. Overall, the Easter Eggers typically lay colored eggs, but up to 15% of the time you will have one that lays brown or cream eggs.

Purpose: Egg Layer
Production: 240 Medium Colored Eggs/Year
Temperament: Docile, Active Mature
Weight: 4-6 lbs.
Hardiness: Cold Hardy, Not Heat Hardy
Broodiness: Occasionally
Comb Type: Single or Pea Comb

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