Hayden Huckleberry Bottles

Rocky Mountain Soda

  • $3.90

RMS has been searching for the perfect example of this mythical flavor for years. We finally found its hiding spot way up in South Park, Colorado. Much like the elusive Bigfoot, our South Park Sarsaparilla has such a big, bold bite that is sure to put the kick back into any Bigfoot. South Park Sarsaparilla is the one you have been searching for but were not even sure it existed, until now! WE BELIEVE. Get some for your next Squatchin Adventure. Ingredients; Sparkling Colorado water, Vegan Cane Sugar, Natural Flavor Extracts, NON-GMO Citric Acid Experience the delightful flavors of Hayden Huckleberry, our newest limited edition flavor. Inspired by the sweet berries of Colorado and their well-known taste. Our blend evokes the same feeling of excitement that comes with searching for an elusive Jackalope. Delight in the profound flavor of Hayden Huckleberry and savor the sweetness of these famously flavored berries. Ingredients; Available as: * I2 Pack Bottles * 24 Pack Bottles