How To Speak Chicken Calendar

How To Speak Chicken Calendar

Storey Publishing

  • $15.99

Wall Calendar 2024: A Year of Chickens Doing What They Do and Saying What They Say

Hear that “buh-dup!” as you enter the coop? That’s your chicken‘s way of saying “hello”! Adapted from the bestselling book How to Speak Chicken, this delightful calendar combines practical advice for communicating with your flock with fascinating chicken trivia and is filled with gorgeous, full-color portraits featuring a variety of chicken breeds. Learn about chicken pecking order—individual chickens within flocks have roles, including a Head Hen and a Sentinel. Discover the purpose of combs and wattles (they help regulate body temperature). Breed facts: The Ayanm Cemani is prized in Java for its all-black coloring, which even extends to its meat and bones. And find out how to make a boredom-busting veggie pinata to hang in your home coop. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.

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