Little Farmer Homegrown Bugs

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Little Farmers Homegrown Bugs

Homegrown Bugs Premium Non-GMO Black Soldier Fly Grubs and Grains, USA Grown

  • 50x the calcium in mealworms! – Birds love to eat grubs and worms.
  • Homegrown Bugs Black Soldier Fly (BSF) grubs are a natural calcium supplement for your poultry. Calcium supports stronger egg shells.
  • Perfect for molting season – BSF grubs deliver a whopping 15% of crude protein for your birds. Protein promotes feather growth and egg laying.
  • Includes beneficial grains like milo, barley, oat, wheat, peas, and safflower oil.
  • Grown in the USA! – You can trust in local American growers who raise the BSF under the highest standards of quality.
  • Nutritious snack – Great as a Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Guinea Feed Supplement.


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