Midnight Majesty Maran, female chicks

Midnight Majesty Maran, female chicks


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Midnight Majesty Maran, female chicks

Hatch Date: 5/23

The Midnight Majesty Maran™ have black plumage and most hatch with feathered feet, but some do not. Deep browns show up through their down feathering underneath, making them a mix of beautiful dark brown and black plumage. The males are barred. This breed will lay dark brown eggs and will lay a lot of them! You will truly enjoy this breed in your backyard flock and its dark eggs in your egg carton! These hybrids perform well in many different climates.

Purpose: Egg Layer
Production: 250 Large Dark Brown Eggs/Year
Temperament: Calm, Friendly
Mature Weight: 7-8 lbs.
Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy
Broodiness: Occasionally
Comb Type: Single Comb

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