Naturulz Night Cream 4oz

Naturulz Night Cream 4oz


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Naturluz Ugli Night Cream 4oz

UGLI Butter night is a nighttime product that is designed to help you unwind from your day by reducing anxiety, tension, fatigue and stress, both physical and mental, so you can relax, release, get restful sleep and restore. UGLI Butter Night is a full spectrum, hemp-based remedy, carried in coconut oil, that provides relief where your body needs it most.


  • No junk daily PM use topical for nighttime to help get restful sleep and relief
  • Use 20 minutes prior to bedtime to help relieve daily stress and anxiety
  • Apply to back of neck and bottom of feet and anywhere else the body holds stress, 20 minutes prior to bedtime
  • Synthetics free, no fragrance, isolates, alcohol or dyes

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