OverEZ Coop Care


  • $29.99

OverEZ Coop Care

Organic Misting Cleanser and Deodorizer - Safe to Use Around Chickens

  • OverEZ Organic Coop Care is a misting cleanser and deodorizer
  • All-natural, non-toxic, and 100% organic
  • Helps prevent disease and promotes a clean environment for your flock.

Product Information

  • OverEZ Coop Care is more powerful and effective than traditional deodorizers that only mask smells.
  • Designed to be distributed broadly by spraying, misting, or fogging.
  • Can also be used in your OverEZ Waterer to keep water clean and prevent unwanted organisms, deposits, and film.


  • 32 FL.OZ

Why use Hypochlorous Acid?

  • HOCl is a naturally occurring molecule used by white blood cells to kill microbial pathogens.
  • Unlike toxic cleaners, our organic solution is non-irritant to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.
  • Eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

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