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Pink Rose Organix

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Pink Rose Organix Boost & Balance Equine Feed

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For an optimized digestive system and healthy hindgut; Organic Boost & Balance is for horses of all breeds and disciplines. A delicious, prescriptive blend of organic proteins, oils, and fiber that works with your pasture or hay to boost digestive efficiency and balance the diet. Boost & Balance focuses on hindgut function; driving animal health, attitude, and positive, cool energy!

Boosts Digestive Efficiency
Supports the natural function of a horse’s digestive system, focused on gut health
Slows digestion in the hindgut to ensure full calories captured from forage
Grain-free to reduce disruptive complex sugars (starch) in hindgut
Infused with coconut flour which helps control pathogenic bacteria for gut health
Pre-biotic (fermented yeast culture) to drive digestive ease

Balances Overall Ration
Balances the ration and amino acid profile for muscle repair, hoof health, regulating
immune function, and nutrient absorption
High in omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation & enhance overall animal health
Good source of medium-chain fatty acids for managing bacteria in the hindgut.

Alfalfa meal has
highly digestible fiber,
higher calories
compared to grass
hay, and a good
source of calcium.

Fermented yeast culture
(pre-biotic) is used to
generate unique
functional metabolites,
driving digestive ease
and efficiency.

Peas & sesame meal
help to boost the diets
protein and provide good
methionine, natural
lysine and trace minerals
(iron, copper, zinc, manganese)

Coconut flour is highly
palatable, provides
cool energy, low in
non-structural carbs, &
helps maintain a
healthy coat, mane, tail.

Whole Flax Seed
provides good protein
and excellent omega-3
fatty acids for overall
animal health &
reduces inflammation.

Description/ Size: 5/16" Pellet

Origin: United States of America

Shelf Life: Four (4) Months

Package Size: 40lbs


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