Seasonal Farm Box

Sun Produce Co-op

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Hand Selected Seasonal Farm Box

Order by Saturday, Pick-up in the shop on Wednesday.

  • Affordable, easy access to healthy food options
  • Fresh local produce grown close to home
  • Support your local farmers and your community

Participants receive a bag of locally grown, fresh farm items each week. Bags can include a selection of vegetables, fruits, herbs, honey, beans, flowers and more. Produce items vary according to which crops are ready for harvesting during a given week.

This week we have two options:

1. Produce Farm Box - veggies only
2. Produce Farm box plus protein - this week the box will include 1 small (2 to 3lb) organic fed corn and soy free whole chicken.

Order in advance. Place your order by Saturday. Pick-up in the shop on Wednesday.

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