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Silver Spangled Hamburgs

The Everyday Layer
The Silver Spangled Hamburg is one of the most alert breeds on the poultry list. These small-size chickens, with light, sweeping, graceful outlines are elegant and beautiful. They are consistent layers, have a bright cheerfulness when foraging, and love a free range setting.
The Hamburg is a very old breed of poultry. In England and Holland, they were such prolific layers of medium-sized white eggs that they were referred to as the "Dutch Everyday Layer." This is an economical breed to keep as they eat less than most breeds. 
The Silver Spangled Hamburg has lustrous, greenish black spangles on silvery white plumage giving them a perky polk-a-dot look. With neat rose combs, white ear lobes, and leaden blue shanks and toes, these are excellent small chickens when it comes to both beauty and utility. Baby chicks are a silver gray with parallel dark and light stripes on the back.
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