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Double Check Ranch

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Double Check Ranch Grass Fed Beef

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Double Check beef is distinctively lean and full-flavored. It is dry aged for 14 days in the aging room, tenderizing naturally and gaining its full-bodied flavor. The animals do not have the heavy marbled fat that develops on grain-fed animals. Good meat takes time and our unhurried finishing, aging and butchering process is what makes Double Check Beef exceptional.

The Double Check operation is unique because they own the entire beef cycle. From “pasture to palate,” they control every aspect of the product you eat. The beeves they produce are custom cut at an artisan’s level in their own packing house on the ranch so your meat is as natural, wholesome and local as you can find.

Available for pick-up at Inspire Farms:

Fall Deal ($65/pack)
Get 5 individual packs of ground beef and 2 packs of stew meat. 

Fall Roast Pack ($75/pack) 
Ready for fall season? 2 roasts and 3 packs of stew meat. 
*Look at our recipe page for making a delicious stew with Belgian beer...


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