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Pink Rose Organix Boost & Balance Equine Feed

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For less maintenance and more riding enjoyment; Organic Boost & Balance Pellet is for mature horses form any walk of life. A prescriptive blend of organic ingredients that works with Coastal Bermuda and pasture grass.

Organic Boost & Balance is an energy dense, low starch diet made with only the highest quality organic (non-gmo) ingredients. The feed is designed to slow digestion in the hind gut for better absorption of calories., enabling the reduction of grains, and other high starch ingredients.; creating a more balances diet. A ferments yeast culture (pre-boitic) is used to generate unique functional metabolites to drive digestive ease and efficiency. The short, high-end ingredient list with organic proteins, fats and fibers gives your horse the supplemental nutrition it needs.

Ingredients: Organic Alfalfa Meal, Organic Peas, Organic Coconut Flour, Organic Flax Seed, Organic Sesame Meal, Organic Yeast Culture.

Description/ Size: 5/16" Pellet

Origin: United States of America

Shelf Life: Four (4) Months

Package Size: 40lbs

Feeding Directions: This is a supplemental feed ration for horses on pasture or hay. Feed twice per day for below totals by age. yearling-2 yr old = 3lbs/day....3-5 yr old = 3-4lbs/day....5 yr old+ = 4lbs/day....heavy use = 5lbs/day Provide quality grass hay, salt, and clean water at all times except to hot, tired horses. Store in a cool, dry location free of pests. Do not feed if moldy or infested.