Stomach Relief (loose tea)

Stomach Relief (loose tea)

Garden Root Remedy

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Garden Root Remedy Stomach Relief (loose tea)

USES:  Helps to calm the stomach and reduces symptoms associated with stomach upset such as:  nausea, bloating, and soothes indigestion,  reduces reflux type symptoms, and acts as a digestive aid.

HOW TO MAKE:  For best results, boil water add using a tea kettle or pot. Turn off water and add in tea bags and allow to rest until cooled, then refrigerate overnight and heat when needed. 

If using tea bags:  1 tea bag per 2-4 cups (depending on strength needed) of water.

Tea bags are almost 2-4 times in weight of a commercial tea bag. You can use the same method above to steep overnight.

HOW TO USE:  Minimum 1 cup at 3 times per day or until symptoms resolve

DOSING:  Minimum 1 cup 3 times per day.

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