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Tiny Friends Farm Chinchilla Bathing Sand 2.2 lb

Your furry friend will look so fresh and clean after bathing in Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand! This 100% natural sand works to remove skin oils from chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and degus. Plus, it’s dust-free, which makes it extra safe for your pal’s lungs and yours too! This bacterially clean sand is tested for grain size and density to ensure that it penetrates your pal’s fur to keep her skin healthy and her coat shiny. Watch your furry friend enjoy bathing in her Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand—she’s going to love how it feels and you’re going to love the results!

Key Benefits

  • Helps your furry friend clean herself naturally and promotes a lush coat and healthy skin.
  • Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand is 100% natural because your furry friend deserves the best bath!
  • 100% dust-free which means it creates less mess and you and your pal can breathe easy.
  • It’s the same material your pal would use in his native habitat and helps support healthy grooming, play and relaxation.
  • The quality of grain is soft, delicate and measured to ensure that it penetrates your pal’s fur to give a good thorough clean.

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