Wet Shaving Castile Face Soap

Wet Shaving Castile Face Soap

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  • $10.00

Wet Shaving Castile Face Soap

Castile Face Soap Bar 4.5 oz 100% Natural & Vegan

Swirl into a creamy and sumptuous lather that delights your senses with our exquisite fragrance oils. Our soap is not just a cleanser—it's a promise of silky smooth and nourished skin after every wash. Experience nature's indulgence and purity.

Scent Available: Charcoal Tea Tree Lavender

  • Gentle Yet Effective: Tailored for all skin types, including those prone to dryness and breakouts. Our soap ensures deep cleansing without stripping away essential skin oils.
  • Activated Charcoal Infusion: Known for its porous nature, activated charcoal draws out impurities, offering a thorough cleanse without compromising your skin's health.
  • Essential Oil Blend: A harmonious mix of tea tree and lavender, our soap offers a subtle earthy aroma. These essential oils are revered for their skin benefits – a little research will reveal their magic!
  • Luscious Lather: Even in hard water conditions, our soap promises a rich, creamy lather, a testament to its quality. Crafted with love in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Quality at a Fair Price: Although our ingredients rival those in luxury brands, we believe in offering exceptional value. Our soap is handcrafted, devoid of pricey machinery, and priced justly for our craftsmanship.
  • 100% Natural & Vegan: Produced in small batches in Chandler, Arizona, our soap is free from harmful chemicals, surfactants, parabens, and preservatives. Pure, simple, and effective.

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