Wholistic Pet Organics Digest-All+ 2oz

Wholistic Pet Organics Digest-All+ 2oz

Wholistic Pet Organics

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Wholistic Pet Organics Digest-All 2oz

  • All-in-one, ready-to-use probiotic and enzyme formula helps support healthy digestion in dogs of all ages.
  • Packed with 5 billion CFUs—or colony forming units—of viable probiotics per scoop to promote a healthy gut flora.
  • Loaded with plant-based enzymes from pineapples and papaya to help boost nutrient absorption and promote normal digestion.
  • May help with occasional digestive upset like flatulence, diarrhea or constipation, and can be used daily to support healthy digestion overall.
  • Made in the USA with no fillers, synthetics, GMO’s or artificial flavorings; includes handy scoop so you can mix it with water or your pal’s favorite wet food.

Give your furry friend's diet a boost of healthy enzymes with the Wholistic Pet Organics Digest-All Plus Dog & Cat Supplement. The ready-to-mix, concentrated powder formula is specially made to support healthy digestion and overall well-being in dogs & cats of all ages. It’s packed with probiotics—or good, gut-friendly bacteria—and plant-sourced enzymes from dried pineapple and papaya that help boost digestion. That means they help absorb more nutrients from food, and work to keep things working smoothly. Made with only raw, natural whole-food ingredients, it also has prebiotic fibers to help maintain regularity. Plus, it’s easy to give as it can be mixed in water or into wet food with the included scoop.

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