Ramona Farms Tepary Beans, Wheatberries and Cornmeal

Ramona Farms

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Ramona Farms

Brown Tepary Beans

Savory and slightly nutty in flavor. The brown tepary retains its shape and firmness, yet is tender and makes a thin gravy, making it a perfect ingredient for soups, stews, dips and spreads. It also makes a great addition to salads.

23 grams of protein in a 1/2 cup!

Black Tepary Beans

The firm texture and meaty flavor of this bean works well in many recipes.

A rare, recent selection from our heirloom foods, the hearty flavored s-chuuk bavi is as highly nutritious as the so-am bavi and the stotoah bavi. 

Born of an ancient tradition of separating the black seeds before planting the white or brown seed teparies, the black seeds were selected, planted, grown, and harvested over several years to bring out the hidden traits of this unique tepary bean. 

Wheatberries, Pima Club

Pima Club, an heirloom wheat of the Akimel O’odham (Pima, River People) is a soft white awnless club wheat variety used for baking breads and pastries which require baking powder as a leaving agent. 

A healthy alternative to breakfast cereal you will love.  Low in gluten - great cooked for cereal  or add to yogurt, salads and soups.  Everyday uses of the wheat berries also include using instead of potatoes or rice as a side dish.

This low gluten, soft white club wheat has been used by our people for many generations.  These wheat berries can be cooked with tepary beans to make an excellent 'poshol'. 

9 grams of protein in 1/4 cup.

Blue Cornmeal

Blue Corn is a staple food among the any native Communities and is associated mostly with the Hopi Peoples.  It is used in many recipes from cornmeal mush and gravy to dumplings, tamales and several sweet treats and the infamous Piki.


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