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Great farm store with local produce and nice and knowledgeable staff! They also do the downtown mesa farmers market every Saturday that features really cool local vendors and produce. Great place!

Cory N.

What a cool farm store! Tiffiny and Van have done an amazing job of putting together a diverse array of local, hand-crafted healthy food (fresh and frozen), Noble Bread, craft items, pet products and of course tons of chicks and chicken supplies. It's one of the only retail stores to stock organic, non-corn, non-soy chicken feed - at reasonable prices. What a cool shop!

Tom T.

The ABSOLUTE best place for local & organic products. The meat selection is top tier, and the variety of products overall can't be beat. It's expensive, but I expect that when buying anything that's organic. If you can't make it to the farmers markets, then this is your best bet! Everyone is incredibly friendly, and always willing to answer any questions you might have.

Meghan K.
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