Moon River Beef Packages 1/2 Cow (Approximately 200lbs)

Moon River Beef

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  • $2,850.00

Moon River 1/2 Beef Package (Approximately 200lbs)


All roasts will be 3-4 pounds
All steaks will be 1” thick unless otherwise requested
Includes a selection of:

  • Ossu Bucco shanks- 8-10lbs
  • Brisket @ -10 lbs
  • Chuck roast - approx. 12 lbs
  • Flank 2.5
  • Skirt 2.5lbs
  • New York Strip @10-12lbs
  • Round tip steaks/London Broil @15 lbs
  • Ribeyes- @14lbs
  • Stew beef- 4 pks
  • Top sirloin steaks @8lbs
  • Flat iron-/+ 1
  • Short ribs @20lbs
  • Ground beef- @80lbs
  • Tenderloin 7-8lbs
  • Tri tip roast-@5-6lbs

    No feedlots, no antibiotics, no added hormones, no pesticides, no GMO’s. Our ranch is age source verified, non-hormone treated, and all-natural.

    Moon River's expert butchers make every cut by hand, vacuum pack, and packaged for the freezer. We dry age our meats a minimum of 21 days for additional tenderness.

    Moon River's Arizona Department of Agriculture inspected plant allows us to harvest and package one animal at a time.


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