American Waygu Tallow

American Waygu Tallow


  • $15.00

American Waygu Tallow

If you have "Waygu'ed" before, we don't need to tell you what all the fuss is about, but for the uninitiated, you may be saying, what's the big fat deal?

Well, it's all about the genes. Over the years the Waygu lineage has been bred for a unique marbling and a distinctive, smooth, buttery, flavorful fat. This isn't hyperbole.

Waygu is not just "a little different for other cattle." The composition is totally unique. There is much more monounsaturated fat in Waygu Tallow to the point where it gives duck fat a run for its money. This extra monounsaturated fat, often thought of as the healthiest of all the fatty acids (although we tend to be partial to ALL those wonderful fatty acids) is what gives Waygu fat that smooth mouthfeel and adds so much richness to your meals.

Great for grilling, smoking brickets, roasting veggies, pan-frying meat and much more. Hormone and antibiotic-free.

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