Bottled Popcorn Set

Petersen Family Farm

  • $156.00

Unearth the gourmet world of popcorn with the Bottled Popcorn Set, exclusively from Petersen Family Farm. This collection, with 24 bottles—6 each of yellow, blue, red, and calico popcorn kernels—brings the farm's essence to your fingertips. Perfectly curated from heirloom seeds, each kernel invites you to embark on a food journey, whether you're popping them in a popcorn popper or a seasoned cast-iron skillet, these kernels will be savored snacks. Looking to elevate your charcuterie board? These kernels add a rustic charm. Ideal for gifting, this set is a must-have for any general store's cash register or as a stellar stocking stuffer. When building a basket, their vibrant hues and the promise of a pop make them stand out. Embrace the tradition of our family farm, and let this collection be your gateway to authentic, farm-fresh snacks. It's more than just popcorn; it's an experience, the Petersen way