Identity Gently Cooked Frozen Dog Food


  • $14.99

Identity Gently Cooked Frozen Dog Food

Size: 14oz Packs, Case of 8 | 7 lb. box
A Human-Grade Gently Cooked Dog Food
Wet Food Reimagined

Meal prep for pups!

Made in small-batches and thoughtfully crafted using only the finest sustainable meat, sourced from local farms, our imagine Gently Cooked 95% Dog Food is a Human-Grade grain-free, potato-free, legume & pea-free biologically appropriate paleo diet you can trust.

1.5-3x more meat than comparable diets like A Pup Above, Farmer's Dog, Ollie, Nom, Fresh Pet, Just Food For Dogs & Open Farm

Simplest complete & balance diets on the market with entirely whole
foods ingredients

95% Sustainable Meat
100% Human-Grade
No Synthetic Vitamins or Minerals
No Mechanically De-boned (MDM) or Mechanically Separated Meats (MSM)
No thickeners like guar-gum, cassia gum, xanthan gum or carrageenan
No fish oil
No Grain, Gluten, Potato or Legumes/Peas
Limited Ingredient Diet
Single Protein Source
Coconut Oil
Ideal for dogs with food sensitivities, sensitive stomachs, and digestive issues

Our gently cooked diets are nutrient dense!*

1 - 7lb. box feeds a 5-10 lb. dog for 1 month (32 days) at approx. $3.75/day
1 - 7lb. box feeds a medium 20-30 lb. dog for 2 weeks at approx. $7.50/day
1 - 7lb. box feeds a 40-50 lb. dog for 1 week (8 days) at approx. $13.99/day

*amount of feeding may vary based on pets' individual lifestyle factors
Our gently cooked foods can be fed as a complete & balanced meal or protein-rich topper!

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