Oatman Farms Sourdough Mixes

Oatman Farms

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Oatman Farms Sourdough Mix

Organic, Stone-Milled Whole Grain

Skagit 1109 & White Sonora

This loaf combines wheats that originated in two regions: the Northwest and Southwest. We blend these beautiful wheats because White Sonora’s lighter, creamy wheat allows us to showcase the bolder flavors of Skagit 1109.

Enjoy with butter or a soft buttery olive oil, with marmalade or jam, or to a make a delicious sandwich.

Cinnamon Raisin

Made with White Sonora, Skagit 1109, Vietnamese Cinnamon, and California Raisins. Each bite brings the delightful combination of warm cinnamon—with its enticing, aromatic notes—and rich, sweet, yet mildly tart raisins. Enjoy with your favorite butter for breakfast or throughout the day as a wholesome snack.

Cheese and Roasted Onion

This savory loaf is made with White Sonora, Skagit 1109, parmesan cheese, and roasted onions. When you bite into this bread, you immediately get a wonderful parmesan crusty taste that lingers, followed by a mild onion taste. This is a delicious savory bread that you can enjoy across many occasions, including as an accompaniment to a cheese or charcuterie plate.

Blue Beard Durum and Skagit 1109

Blue Beard Durum and Skagit 1109 are two complementary and flavorful wheat flours. The idea behind this loaf was to let the more hearty and flavorful Blue Beard Durum shine. This bread is our densest plain sourdough loaf. Enjoy with butter or a pungent olive oil, or use it to make a wholesome sandwich.


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