FATBAR- Grass-Fed Tallow Soap Bar


  • $11.90

FAT BAR:  Grass-Fed Tallow Soap Bar 

Nourishing with Grass-Fed Tallow Soap Infused with Juniper and Mandarin Essential Oils. 

WITH GREAT FAT, COMES GREAT SOAP Grass-Fed Tallow is celebrated for making excellent soap, that leaves skin soft and rejuvenated. Essential fatty acids soothe sensitive skin, and retained glycerin ensures intense hydration. LUXURIOUS LATHER Tallow soap's famous rich, creamy lather offers a smooth bathing experience, favored by wet shavers.

SUPERFATTED WONDER- Superfatting with extra Grass-Fed Tallow in FAT BAR™ leaves some tallow unsaponified which makes for a moisturizing bar. SUBTLY SCENTED- Grass-Fed Tallow soap, mildly fragranced, blends juniper's tranquility with mandarin's citrusy awakening. SUSTAINABILITY MISSION- Since 2011, we've sourced from sustainable and regenerative, small family farms. Choosing Grass-Fed Tallow soap is an eco-conscious personal care choice.

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