Walk Like A Chicken Board Game

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  • $14.99

Walk Like A Chicken Board Game

Walk Like A Chicken is a Noggin Playground hide-and-seek activity game for preschool kids. Hop like a kangaroo! Fly like a superhero! Anyone can have a laugh playing this game! Simply hide the 24 object cards face down, then seek it out, while acting it out! That's right, if it's the chicken you seek, then walk like a chicken - or if it's a robot, start doing your best robot dance. Use your memory to remember where the cards are so you can fly like a superhero to that card when it comes up in the round! A great kids' game for exercising the body and the mind!

Skills developed while playing this game: Physical development Creativity and imagination Memory Role-playing Social development. Ages 3+ Players. 2+ Players

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