Grass-Fed Tallow Soap Bar

Grass-Fed Tallow Soap Bar


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FATBAR  Grass-Fed Tallow Soap Bar 

Discover FATBAR™, a luxurious soap enriched with Juniper and Mandarin Essential Oils.

Why choose Grass-Fed Tallow Soap? It's celebrated in soap making for its non-toxic, sustainable qualities and the benefits of superfatting.

Great Soap from Great Fat: Grass-Fed Tallow provides deep hydration, leaving skin soft, supple, and rejuvenated. Essential fatty acids like palmitoleic acid offer anti-inflammatory properties, ideal for sensitive skin. Our soap retains natural glycerin, drawing moisture for intense hydration and smoothness.

Lather You'll Love: Experience the rich, creamy lather that defines tallow soap, perfect for a luxurious bathing or shaving experience.

Superfatted Excellence: We incorporate extra Grass-Fed Tallow to ensure a surplus of nourishing agents, boosting hydration and protection for your skin.

Subtly Scented: Infused with juniper and mandarin, our soap offers a clean, natural fragrance—tranquil juniper and invigorating citrus notes.

Sustainable Choice: By using Grass-Fed Tallow from small family farms, we provide a sustainable solution for your skincare routine.

Ingredients: Grass Fed Beef Tallow, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Lye, Mandarin Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Orange Oil, Juniper Oil

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