Low Desert Planting and Harvest Garden Guide

Growing in the Garden

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Low Desert Planting and Harvest Garden Guide

Growing a vegetable garden in Arizona is both rewarding and challenging. This Arizona Vegetable Planting Guide provides planting dates and crucial information for growing over 50 different vegetables in the low desert of Arizona.

Low desert includes elevations below 3500 ft in the Southwest, such as the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas.

Growing seasons in Arizona are short, and timing is critical when planting. Use this Arizona Vegetable Planting Guide to learn when to plant, and whether to plant seeds or transplants. When you plant at the correct time, seeds will sprout and transplants will become established in the optimal conditions for each plant.

With pictures and planting dates for over 50 vegetables that grow well in the low desert of Arizona, you are sure to find one to try. 

Be sure to check out the end of this Arizona Vegetable Planting Guide for links to articles about common questions about growing a vegetable garden in Arizona. 

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