Siete Grain Free Puff Snacks

Siete Foods

  • $5.99

Grain Free Puff Snacks

Being from Texas, our family loves a good queso dip. And being from Laredo, Texas, our family loves a good bag of puff snacks, too! So we thought, “Why not combine the two to make something even more flavorful?” And then we thought, “Why not make them grain free using better-for-you ingredients (like avocado oil and lentils) so more people can enjoy ‘em too?” And after several more thoughts (we won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say there were a lot!), we present to you: Queso Puff Snacks!Think of them as our way of transporting the nostalgic flavors of a snack shop straight to you.

And just in ques-o you’re wondering, they’re dairy free and taste delicious.

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