Redmond Real Salt Organic Seasoning - Gift Sets

Redmond Life

  • $25.49

Original Seasoning - Gift Set

Can’t decide on a flavor? Now you don't have to choose

Our Real Salt Seasoning Gift Box contains one shaker of Real Salt, one Organic Garlic Salt, one Organic Onion Salt, and one Organic Seasoning Salt. The Organic Season Salt gift box makes a great and flavorful gift!

Smoked Seasoning - Gift Set

Our Smoked Real Salt Gift Set contains one shaker of each—Hickory, Cherry, and Chef’s Blend. All three of these savory smoked salts are created by smoking unrefined, ancient Real Salt (aka “Nature’s First Sea Salt®”) for just the right amount of time with the perfect blend of robust, aromatic woods. This three-shaker set makes a delicious gift for friends, family, or yourself.

*Note: these seasoning salts are Kosher Certified, but are not Certified Kosher for Passover.

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