Indian Runner Ducks


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Indian Runner Ducks

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The Fawn & White (Indian) Runner was originally bred in Southeast Asia for high egg production and excellent mobility. Flocks of ducks are herded daily from field to field, eating waste rice, weed seeds, insects, slugs, and other bugs. They are then put in a bamboo pen at night, where they lay their eggs and are released the following morning to clean other fields.

You will not find a better foraging duck than the Runner. They are lightweight, so there is less chance of them trampling the vegetation in your garden or yard. Runners are the most energetic ducks and will forage most of the day. They are rarely broody and are hardy in all climates.

Indian Runner ducks have a strong slender body and an upward stance. They tend to have a more nervous temperament. Our favorite is the Fawn and White but we often bring in black, chocolate, and blue.

Purpose: Foraging/Ornamental
Production: 180 - 200 Large White Tinted Blue/Green To Dark Green Eggs/Year
Temperament: Docile, Active
Mature Weight: 4-5 lbs.
Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy
Broodiness: Rarely

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