Bones & Co Raw Frozen Dog Food

Bones & Co.

  • $46.99

Bones & Co Keto-Approved Raw Frozen Dog Food

  • Metabolically Appropriate food for dogs
  • Low Carb, Healthy Fats & Adequate Protein
  • Optimal for Carnivorous canines
  • 95% Meat, Bones & Organs
  • Made responsibly from grass finished, cage free animals
  • Small but mighty company
  • More meat & no fillers
  • NO HPP: completely raw food


Each of our 6lb dinner patties are made up of 95% meat, bone and organs and 5% vegetables, vitamins and minerals. We offer 5 different proteins for your pups to choose from. 


Each of our 3lb minis are formulated the same as our larger patties, just resized for smaller pups! 

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