Briar Patch Brew Loose Leaf - 15 Servings

Piper & Leaf Artisan Tea Co

  • $12.00

VELVETY. FULL BODIED. SERENDIPITOUS BERRYGEDDON. We brave the deep berry brambles so you don’t have to. Brashly lacking austerity with its velvety, full-bodied texture and taut finish, the name does it justice. The pain suffered to harvest this delightful tea only accentuates its specialness. Blackberry bushes taunt all suitors to earn the right to taste their deliciousness. Not settling for mere dried-fruit status, the Briar Patch welcomes the usual cast of svelte surrogate tea pals: hibiscus and rosehips along with lemongrass and sage. Each bag contains 15 servings of loose leaf in a muslin bag (which doubles as a tea strainer) handed printed by us! Caffeine Content: Caffeine-free Steep Time: 7 minutes Water Temp: 212 F