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Get Raw Shots

GeT RAW!! It’s a potent antioxidant blend made with all organic ingredients. Why RAW? The active constituents of ginger and turmeric are reduced in powdered forms. RAW forms of ginger and turmeric are 250 to 300 times more bioavailable in the human body.

Add a very small amount of pepper, now the absorption of turmeric is enhanced 2,000 to 3,000%. Serving size is a shotglassful, but in reality it varies because everyone has different levels of inflammation, etc.

Medically documented written benefits are numerous: Inflammation, Digestion, Immunity, Cognition, Anticancer, Antiarthritic, Hangovers, Cardioprotective, Liver Toxicity, Antimicrobial, Antidepressant, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Flatulence.

Thus, our motto is GeT Healthy, GeT Well … GeT RAW the organic wellness shot.

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