Golden Rule Raw Cream

Golden Rule Dairy

  • $15.00

Golden Rule Raw Cream 1 pint

Fresh raw cream is delivered to Inspire Farms every Friday between 10:30am and 11:30am. Order online and pick up when it's good for you.

Raw whole milk has been a staple food source for civilization throughout history! Golden Rule Dairy raw milk contains 4.5% milk fat and is kept consistently chilled below 38 degrees until delivered (typically within 2 days after milking.)

The Ingredients

Golden Rule cows graze and get a nutritious diet of alfalfa, barley sprouts, and all-natural mineral mix from local farms and stores. Healthier cows means healthier milk. Golden Rule's aim is good stewardship and investing the money they earn on quality.  And they never use GMOs, antibiotics, or hormones.

The Process

Simply put, it’s cow -> tank -> bottle.

Milk flows into a refrigeration tank; after it cools, we pray over it, bottle it, set it in a chilled room, and deliver it (about 2 days.) Every batch is tested to the same standards as pasteurized milk (per regulations), and equipment is cleaned regularly.  And yes, the cream rises to the top!



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