Fatworks - Grass Fed Lamb Tallow

Fatworks - Grass Fed Lamb Tallow


  • $15.00

Fatworks - Grass Fed Lamb Tallow (7.5oz)

Raised on Pasture and 100% grass fed, there is very little "gaminess" to our Grass Fed Lamb Tallow. In fact this traditional fat has a very subtle, mild (and did we mention, delicious) flavor, making it ideal for sauteing your favorite leafy greens, roasting vegetables and pan frying any and all meat. Lamb Tallow adds a piquant depth to soups and stews and of course, let us never forget the amazing and spudtacular things Tallow can do to a potato! In fact, any root veggie will roast or fry beautifully with Lamb Tallow. It would be easy to go the "meat and potatoes" route, however, if you are up for a little culinary adventure we suggest baking with Lamb Tallow, only because it makes for some of the most delicious, savory pies.

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