Grass-Fed Tallow Candle- Smokin' Oud

Grass-Fed Tallow Candle- Smokin' Oud


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Grass-Fed Tallow Candle- Smokin' Oud

Our Ode to Oud Welcome to the "Farm-To-Flame" candle collection!

These candles can be summed up in three words, eco-friendly, clean-burning and great-smelling. (Does it still count as three words if each word is hyphenated?)

Crafted from Grass-Fed Tallow sourced from small USA family ranches, each candle has the same famous Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Tallow found in our Fatworks jars and buckets.

In addition, we use 100% real beeswax to harden and extend the burn life. We think you'll love our  "Ode to Oud" with its calming, woodsy scent and distinctive leathery, sensuousness. Perfect for those seeking a sustainable candle that is sustainable, soy and paraffin free.

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