Hayden Pancake Mix

Hayden Pancake Mix

Hayden Flour Mills

  • $9.50

Hayden Pancake Mix

Sitting down to a stack of warm pancakes is one of life’s pleasures and doesn’t need to end with the onset of adulthood. This foolproof mix requiring only water and melted butter or oil could become the new breakfast-in-bed star on Mother’s or Father’s Day, but is also fantastic for every day

Simplicity is hardly the only thing these cakes have going for them – made with a wheat brought to America by European missionaries in the 1700s, they cook up fluffy and simple yet taste one hundred times more flavorful than anything made with mass-produced all-purpose flour.    

A wholesome and tastier flour was exactly what Hayden Flour Mills founder Jeff Zimmerman was after when he convinced farmers in Tempe, Arizona to plant varieties of grains that hadn’t grown for centuries and then milled them fresh on a 1,000-pound millstone imported from Austria. 

Given the fact that we inhaled several naked cakes before even saying “please pass the syrup,” we think he’s figured it out. 

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