Inspire Farms Fly Trap Setup

Inspire Farms

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Inspire Farms Fly Trap Setup

The Inspire Farms Fly Trap Setup comes with an awesome green bucket that blends in with the greenery and 3 RESCUE!® TrapStik® for Flies.

To use:

Place dog poo (not included ) or other waste from your property, in the bottom of green bucket.

Unwrap RESCUE TrapStik set in place at the top of the bucket, it will fit perfectly edge to edge.

Set green bucket where flies like to hang out, especially in early morning or late afternoon sunshine (away from chickens).

Rotate trap once or twice during the day to get full coverage.

Once you get ahead of the hatch cycle (which can happen in one day!) Your yard will be virtually fly free!

If it weren't for this fly trap set-up we would have a fly problem.

Use fresh poo each time you set it up and change or add more poo every 3 or 4 days as needed.

Made in the USA.

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