Lab Notes Coffee Beans

Lab Notes

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Lab Notes Coffee Beans

Lab Notes Coffee was founded by Luke and Katie Cizek in 2018. After beginning home coffee roasting in 2016, an appreciation and dedication of the art of roasting was born. Notes on roasting and tasting of every batch led to the development of what truly is really good coffee. We want to share our findings; use our lab notes to highlight the intricacies and show the uniqueness of each coffee we roast.

In starting a company, we saw the opportunity to add benefit to the planet and hold true to what we care about. All green beans we purchase are ethically sourced from a supplier of direct trade - Farmer to purchaser - or are certified as Fair Trade. we donate 2.5% of all revenue to humanitarian efforts, split between the country of origin for the coffee and locally. We want to spread the mindset of superb coffee that is good for the earth and good for the people.

We roast on a Diedrich IR3 that we lease time on through hg Roastery in Gilbert, az.

Uganda Natural light roast

Ethiopia Idido natural light roast

Hollow earth blend, medium-dark roast

Limited release, Varying, single origins and blends, usually light roast but occasionally dark. 


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