Olive Egger, female chicks 10/27


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Olive Eggers, female chicks

Hatch date: 10/25
Arrival date: 10/27

Olive Eggers come from a couple of different crosses. We have one line that is a cross of Americanas and French Cuckoo Marans. With this hybrid, most of the females will be black but a few will come out blue. We also have another cross that is between Legbars and Welsummers, our goal with these is to create a green egg that is speckled similar to the Welsummers. Both crosses have a chance of laying brown eggs.

Purpose: Dual-Purpose Production: 260 Large Olive Eggs/Year Temperament: Mellow, Active, Friendly, Docile Mature Weight: 5-6 lbs. Hardiness: Cold and Heat Hardy Broodiness: Rarely Comb Type: Pea Comb

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